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Randall Road Animal Hospital, Crystal Lake Illinois

The Randall Road Animal Hospital was designed to be a modern veterinary clinic offering state of the art facilities.  The clinic is approximately 4500 square feet on the ground floor and approximately 800 square feet on the second floor archival storage space.

A well lit entry/reception area welcomes clients after they enter the building.  A separate cat and dog waiting area keep stressful encounters to a minimum.  Adjacent exam rooms ensure that pets of different species do not need to cross paths.  A large surgery, generous treatment room , and separate dog and cat kennels make up the support areas at the rear of the building.

The exterior walls are made up of a two tone brick separated by a limestone band that moves and undulates around the building adding interest and fun to the facades.  The roof is made of synthetic slate tile that acts as a “cool” roof surface reducing heat gain on the building.

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